What IF you could

have a baby naturally,

without IVF?

Serving all of North Carolina

Expert Medical Care for

Infertility and Recurrent Miscarriage

What IF you could have a baby naturally, without IVF?

Serving all of North Carolina

Serving all of North Carolina

Most appointments are provided via telehealth for your convenience

If you're struggling to have a baby,



While IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies exist

as hi-tech approaches for infertility, they ignore underlying

health problems.

At Reply Fertility, we take the exact opposite approach: we work to

identify and treat the underlying health problems. With health restored, many couples can get pregnant naturally--without IVF. 


Restorative Reproductive Medicine

Our approach of finding and fixing what is wrong—for both female and male factors—is part of a growing medical movement called restorative reproductive medicine (RRM). The aim using RRM is to optimize a couple’s reproductive health, and to maximize their chance for natural conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Our focus is on patients experiencing infertility, subfertility, or recurrent miscarriage.

Serving all of North Carolina

Our program is provided through telehealth appointments

and in-person care coordinated with your local providers.

Not until I found Reply...

did I feel confident that I would

ever have a child of my own.


is Getting Your Body Healthy

and Ready for Pregnancy

If you are struggling to get pregnant, or suffer from recurrent miscarriages, you might have unresolved health issues left undiagnosed or simply ignored. We’re here to help you take charge of your health from the inside out and discover a safe, holistic, and affordable alternative to IVF.


with You Every Step of the Way

You won’t feel alone or in the dark

about your options or timeline.

From your first conversation with our team all the way through our Finding & Fixing program, we will be right there with you. Your team includes your expert RRM clinician, fertility case manager, fertility coach, health coach, and more.

It was the first time that I felt that we were going to work together to figure it out. And that to me was the start of my path that no other doctor had given me.

Serving all of North Carolina

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in Restorative Reproductive Medicine

Reply Fertility is a global leader in restorative reproductive medicine (“RRM”), seeking to transform medical understanding and patient care. 

RRM is a growing field with clinicians and researchers around the world working to advance knowledge and patient care in the field of reproductive medicine. We collaborate with others including the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (IIRRM). Our interdisciplinary team brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for RRM care, as well as true compassion for patients and their loved ones.

couple seeing their baby with an ultrasound

A huge part of our journey and success story was uncovering an underlying issue; that made Reply different than anywhere else. And that for us was the


We're Different. On Purpose.

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Serving all of North Carolina

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